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The Slater

Get ready to kill low-life drug dealers, notorious crime bosses and anyone who stands in your way as you seek revenge for your father’s murder.

The Slater is a story-driven first-person stealth-action game that puts you in the shoes of a former cop Mark Slater, whose father gets murdered while investigating a new designer drug D-Pain. Now is your chance to eliminate everyone involved with his murder, and everyone who had anything to do with the new designer drug. Be prepared to assassinate your targets one by one.

Use stealth-based tactics to get the upper hand on your enemies and take them out. Think your enemies as puzzle pieces. How do you get past the guards? Who do you kill and how? Think carefully before you make your move or you are the one ending up dead. The Slater is brought to you by Alessandro Laina, the sole man behind Laina Interactive.

- Explore the atmospheric environments, gather information of your enemies, kill a guard and obtain their clothes, blend in, play smart and without anyone witnessing - Eliminate your targets.

- Use your environment to your advantage. Observe and create distractions to lure enemies. Kill them and obtain their clothes. Carry their bodies and hide them. Pick up useful key cards and access codes. Climb ladders or crawl through ventilation shafts and surprise your enemies.

- Multiple ways to approach your targets. Seek for an opportunity and use your bare hands or a silenced handgun to finish the job.

- 6 unique levels with dark atmosphere and multiple objectives. Complete the objectives in any order you like.

- Rating system and possibility to complete all levels without killing anyone but the targets.

- Story-driven: Who is producing the new designer drug and who murdered your father?

- Cinematic and atmospheric cutscenes.

- Stealth in the truest sense - Think your next move carefully. No checkpoint saving and loading.

- Failure is not an option. Once you set off an alarm, guards will hunt you down until you are dead.

The Slater is available on Steam and it's priced at $14.99


The Slater - Announcement trailer YouTube

The Slater - Gameplay Trailer YouTube

The Slater - Gameplay Launch Trailer YouTube


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    Alessandro Laina
    Game Developer

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